It's Broken EP

by Ryan Lawson

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Second musical release filling the void between "This Old Knife" and the new studio album due to come out in July.


released May 2, 2011



all rights reserved


Ryan Lawson Choctaw, Oklahoma

Oklahoma born.

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Track Name: It's Broken
It's broken like the car you had
when you were seventeen.
It's broken like a lost pocket knife
or an old magazine.

It's broken like the time you felt
getting in trouble at school.
It's broken like the first cigarette you smoked
because you though it was cool.

It's broken like when it used to be
a little scary at night.
It's broken like the time you first heard
your mom and dad get in a fight.

It's broken like a car on the road
with no gasoline.
It's broken like the first time you
looked me in the eyes, said I was mean.

It's broken like an
out of tune guitar.
It's broken like my heart
after you cut it and left those scars.
Track Name: Oklahoma Snow
Little birdie, why do you fly in the trees?
Little birdie, why do you die in the leaves?
There's a train that escapes this dusty town.
The only problem is the tracks go round and round.

It might be a little lonesome
in your hometown
somewhere, southeastern Tennessee.
But, I caught a north wind
somewhere in Austin, and
it put a chilling spell on me.

So, it might be a little cold
in Colorado or wherever it is
you feel the need to go.
But, I'm stuck neck deep
in a heap of loneliness and trouble
because Oklahoma got all of the snow.

Little spider, why build your webs
into the trees?
Little spider, why crawl around
underneath the leaves?

I took a step outside tonight
just to catch my breath from the dark.
I tried to recollect my head
after I read your remarks.
I tried to drown myself in the river
but the water was too low.
I bought a Cadillac instead and
I hit the road.
Track Name: Habits
Ain't going anywhere in this world
without you.
There's nothing else that I'd
rather do.
Except for to chase you around
in the shade.
Wait around for you
to dig my grave.

I know it might sound
a little pathetic.
But, you've gone and
run away with my mind.
You have a hard way of
breaking bad habits.
Makes me feel like
I'm always doing time.

We had us a house
way far off in the land.
We made it a home
out of that rotten sand.
There was beer in the fridge
and some fish on the lines.
Cicadas rumbling in
the hot summer time.

So don't go and scare me
like you did once before.
When you threatened me
and your hand touched the door.
The drought has been around
for almost a year.
But, you brought the rain
when your eyes filled with tears.
Track Name: Memories of Youth (New Year)
Baby, it's a new year and
I'm going to do it right this time.
I'll quit smoking cigarettes and
drinking so much wine.
Maybe I'll get a haircut and
a new pair of boots.
I'll start walking past these
memories of youth.

There will be no more crying
from sleepless nights.
I'll get my act together and
put my goals in sight.
Oh, with my new boots
I'll start my journey far beyond
these memories of youth.

It's been a long time coming.
I've got a hard road ahead,
but I think I can make it
with the old times dead.

Well, it was a new year
and I didn't do it right that time.
I kept on with the cigarettes.
I drank a lot more wine.
I didn't get a haircut and
couldn't afford the boots.
Means, I couldn't get past
the memories of youth.